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Beam Forming background for LTE

Multiple antennas in LTE may also be used to transmit the same signal appropriately weighted for each antenna element such that the effect is to focus the transmitted beam in

LTE Ray Tracing Model

The LTE Ray Tracing Model involves analyzing electric wave propagation by using the ray tracing method and obtaining the field strength of received signals through theoretical calculation. Some LTE network

LTE Standard Propagation Model

The standard propagation model is a model (deduced from the Hata formula) particularly suitable for predication in the 150MHz~3500MHz band over long distance (1Km<d<20Km) and is very adapted to GSM900/1800,

Propagation model LTE- Cost231-Hata Model

Cost231-Hata model can be used in macro cells as the propagation model. The application range is as follows: Frequency band: 1500 MHz to 2000 MHz Base station height: 30 meters

Free Space Model for LTE

Free space indicates an ideal, even, and isotropic medium of space. When electromagnetic waves are transmitted in this medium, no reflection, refraction, scattering, or absorption occurs. Propagation losses are caused

Reference Signal Power Boosting Gain for LTE

Power boosting in LTE is mainly perform on the Reference signal. However, since the radio power is shared equally by all Resources element, the power allocation for each RE is

Guard Band Requirement in LTE

Here I write on simple how guard band requirement for LTE for 2 option. Guard band requirement LTE verses GSM and guard band requirement LTE FDD verse LTE TDD Guard

Why Operators require Spectrum Reframing in LTE

Here I write down one basic idea of Spectrum reframing in LTE and why operators require spectrum reframing for LTE. Operators worldwide are looking forward to new LTE technologies deployment

Operating Frequency Band and RSRP for LTE

Choosing which frequency band to operate a LTE network is one of the most critical decision. Operator has to make when it comes to capacity planning. The frequency propagation and