LTE UE Accessibility Verification and Speed Scaling

UE Accessibility Verification

If the best cell on the LTE frequency have banned or are protected, up to exclude This cell from cell selection list. In that case may consider UE the cell on the same frequency, if banned cell indicates (by using fields ‘ intraFreqReselection ‘ in SIB1), intra-frequency selection is not allowed for the of a certain duration, unless barred cell is inaccessible closed Subscriber Group (CSG) the cell. If, however, the best unit is unsuitable for some other special reason (e.g. because it belongs to a prohibited zone or other tracking-equivalent), the UE not PLMN is authorized to handle any cell on the relevant frequencies as candidate cells maximum of 300 s.

UE Scaling dependant to Speed

UE options scales the selection of a cell depending on its speed. This applies both to the standby mode (Treselection and Qhyst) and online (timeToTrigger). UE Speed the State of mobility category (high, normal, or low), which defines the UE based on the the number of cells/reselections transmission that occur over a given period, excluding the contract/transfer between reselections same two cells. The condition is defined by Comparing graph with thresholds for medium and high States in the application of certain hysteresis. For idle and connected modes use separate sets of control parameters, on SIB3 and in the configuration of measurement respectively.

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