South Korea to invest $ 1.5 billion in research 5G

The government of South Korea is looking to pump as much as $ 1.5 billion in the development of mobile networks based on 5G .

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Plans of the country said it was looking to develop and begin studies 5G service until 2017 , with the expectation that commercial services could start in 2020.

The Ministry is now seeking input and funding from the three mobile networks in the country and network infrastructure providers to develop standards for mobile .

To a degree , the Ministry is simply push forward a program that already exists in a number of companies have already started thinking about what lies beyond 4G .

In recent weeks, the European Commission has agreed to pump EUR700 million worth of investment in research 5G, while ETSI discussed it at the last meeting .

5G has not yet been defined, but some factors that will shape the development of 5G systems are already known. The fifth generation mobile systems will need to achieve ubiquitous connectivity – very – high speed at a low cost. But 5G must offer more than a faster 4G. Data traffic will continue to increase dramatically over time as the number of devices connected to mobile networks, probes, sensors, actuators, meters, machines that contribute to this increase.

From a user perspective, 5G networks will be more available, reliable and trustworthy, which offers increased speed, better yield , decreased latency and improved device autonomy . at an affordable cost to users.

In other news , the Ministry also announced that Smartphone users will be given the opportunity to delete mobile applications pre – installed in mobile networks or retailers. The change will take effect in April.

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