New Zealand’s Prime Minister Warned About Huawei Security Concerns

New Zealand’s Prime Minister was warned in 2010 by the country’s security authorities that its broadband infrastructure could be compromised if network rollout contracts were awarded to China’s Huawei.
The opposition politician, Clare Curran made the claim in Parliament earlier this week.
Huawei has been banned from tendering for a nationwide broadband network in Australia on grounds of national security, and the move has caused questions to be asked about the company in other countries.
Huawei has always denied that it poses a security threat to foreign governments, and has been allowed to tender for New Zealand’s broadband contracts.
During questioning in Parliament, the Prime Minister refused to comment on specifics, until Clare Curran made reference to a security report from 2010 questioning whether Huawei could be trusted.
The Prime Minister confirmed that he probably did read the report at the time. He then defended the company against the allegations and noted that it is a major supplier worldwide.
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