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LTE Possible Dimensioning Concepts

•„All-Average“ –The backhaul connection shall support the aggregated average capacity of all cells. The average capacity is determined under realistic air interface conditions and multiple users per cell. – •„All-Average/Single-Peak“

WCDMA Iu PS Interface

Here I write about Iu PS Interface in WCDMA. WCDMA Protocol Structure for Iu PS The Iu PS protocol structure is represented in below image. Again, a common ATM transport

What is Margin of Interference in LTE?

Margin sites intrusive noise levels due to an increase can be considered as If sites were spaced closer together than position using the same frequency The thermal noise floor. In

Radio Protocol Architecture in LTE

The EUTRAN radio protocol model specifies the protocols terminated between UE and eNB. The protocol stack follows the standard guidelines for radio protocol architectures (ITU-R M1035) and is thus quite