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What is GSM Cell Reselection and How it works.

When mobile has been selected successfully the mobile now will start reselection tasks. Perform Cell reselection measurement first Mobile will continuously make measurements on its neighboring cells (as  indicated by

Pri Selection Site or RF planning First point

Which step to make clear before select any site at any location like equipment type, construction and link balance calculation which describe detail as below. Select Equipment Type For Site

Step to Select any Site in RF Planning

Here I write about selection of new site in rf planning, how step by step any new site planned is as per below. Prepare Initial Search Ring Note the latitude

Frequency Planning Steps for GSM

Frequency Planning is possible by manually or automatic.At initial stage of new RF Network automatic frequency planned and then after for optimization based on KPI manual frequency planing done. Manual

How Radio Path Channel Encoding in GSM

To protect the logical channels from transmission errors introduced by the radio path, many different coding schemes are used. The diagram below illustrates the coding process for speech, control and

What is Burst in GSM and Burst Types in GSM

GSM Burst The Below diagram illustrates a GSM burst. It consists of several different elements. These elements are as below: Info This is the area in which the speech, data

Definition and works of Interleaving in GSM

The Definition of Interleaving is simply encode logical channel for error protection and security.lets understand how interleaving works in gsm. Having encoded, or error protected the logical channel, the next step