Point to take care during antenna installation

Here I write down which point to tack care during antenna installation which including Wind load, Work Temperature and Humidity and Camouflaged Antenna Scheme for Sites

antenna installation

Wind Load

The antennas are usually installed on high buildings or towers. In the littoral areas, the wind is strong with high speed, so the antennas are required to work normally under a wind speed of 36 m/s and to keep complete under a wind speed of 55 m/s.

The antenna can usually resist strong wind. In some windy areas, the antennas are damaged due to unstable tower and pole, so you shall choose the antennas with small surface area.

Work Temperature and Humidity

The antenna of eNodeB shall work in a temperature of –40°C to +65°C and a humidity of 0 to 100%.

Lightning Protection

A direct DC connection of each RF input ports of antenna to the ground is required.

Three-proof Capability

The antenna of eNodeB must capable of damp-proof, salt mist-proof, and leaf mold-proof. For an omnidirectional antenna, it can also be installed bottom up and meet the three-proof capacity.

Camouflaged Antenna Scheme for Sites

A camouflaged antenna is beautiful, hidden, and according with technical requirements. The camouflaged antenna aims to keep consistent with the environment and to avoid being noticed so that the mobile communication project proceeds smoothly. The camouflaged antenna applies for urban site construction and coverage solutions for top grade residence area.

There are no fixed modes and methods for antenna camouflage. The antenna camouflage changes to flexible forms in different scenarios. The antenna camouflage aims to hidden it in the environment. You can choose proper beautification modes according to the environment for actual installation. The following paragraphs focus on some antenna camouflage schemes.

The antenna camouflage includes the following types:

  • Customized camouflage
  • Outlook camouflage
  • Camouflage in special environment
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