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LTE Downlink & Uplink Physical Channel

LTE Downlink Physical Channel
Physical Downlink Shared Channel ( PDSCH)
  • This channel is used for unicastand paging functions.
  • Carries the DL-SCH and PCH.
  • QPSK,16-QAM,and 64-QAM Modulation.
Physical Downlink Control Channel (PCSCH)
  • Informs the UE about the resource allocation of PCH and DL-SCH, and Hybrid ARQ information related to DL-SCH.
  • Carries the uplink scheduling grant.
  • QPSK Modulation.
LTE Uplink Physical Channel

Physical HARQ Indicator Channel (PHICH)
  • Used to report the Hybrid ARQ status
  • Carries Hybrid ARQ ACK/NAKs in response to uplink transmissions.
  • QPSK Modulation
Physical Braodcast Channel (PBCH)
  • This physical channel carries system information for UEs requiring to access the network.
  • QPSK Modulation.
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