Telecom Techniques Guide


LTE : Data Transmission in DL

  • The data in DL are sent on the PDSCH 
  • A minimum of 2 RBs are allocated by the eNodeBs. 
  • A RB is 12 sub-carriers on a slot (7 symbols). 
  • The eNodeB sends on the PDCCH the required information to allow the UE
    decode the data on the PDSCH. 
  • On which slot? 
  • On which Resource blocks
  • How are the data modulated?
The Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH) carries: 
  • User data 
  • User signaling 
  • Paging messages 
  • System information message 
The PDSCH can use all the resources not used by the other channel: 
  • Synchronization channels 
  • Reference signal 
  • PDCCH 
  • PBCH