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Which Cell Parameters needs to Obtain in LTE?

To provide the most critical information to the UEs, the eNodeB uses the BCH channel The information is sent on pre-defined time-frequency resources. This information is organized into different information

Evaluation process for Cell selection in LTE

S-CRITERION The cell selection criterion S is a pre-condition for suitable cells. The conditions for E-UTRAN, UTRAN FDD and GSM cells are listed in the figure. R – CRITERION –

Cell selection and reselection in LTE UE

To get service from the selected PLMN, the UE performs two types of  procedures: LTE cell selection and LTE cell reselection CELL SELECTION in LTE Upon PLMN selection, LTE UE

Logical Channel Types of LTE

Logical channels are in a one-to-one fashion associated with radio bearers. Logical channel types are used to distinguish the type of information transmitted within the attached radio bearer. The two

How UE select suitable cell in LTE

Here write in simple words how UE select suitable cell in LTE. After the UE has selected a PLMN, is a done selecting cell – in other words, looking for

Frequency or RAT Evaluation for LTE UE

E-UTRAN configures a priority for all applicable frequencies for each RAT. In addition to the priorities of specific cells that are optionally provided by SI, E-UTRAN can assign specific EU

How Cell Selection in GSM

Once the mobile is switched on and the registered home PLMN was selected (e.x. SMART), it will next search for a BCCH frequency list, stored in its memory or in

What is GSM Cell Reselection and How it works.

When mobile has been selected successfully the mobile now will start reselection tasks. Perform Cell reselection measurement first Mobile will continuously make measurements on its neighboring cells (as  indicated by

What is Simulator and how it works

The development of the simulator that will be implemented can be classified in two phases. The first phase is the development of a simulator, capable for the investigation of the