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BTS Color Code BCC in GSM

BCC is a part of BSIC. For its function, please refer to above sections. BCC is composed of 3 bits. The available range is from 0 to 7. BSIC includes

Network Color Code NCC for GSM

NCC is a part of BSIC. MS uses it to distinguish adjacent BTS that belong to different GSM PLMN. NCC is composed of 3 bits, with the range of 0

What is BSIC and its use in GSM

BSIC=NCC+BCC In GSM system, each BTS is allocated with a color code, which is called BSIC. MS can identify two cells with the same BCCH by the help of BSIC.

What is Use of LAC in GSM

Location Area Code(LAC) :  To locate the location of MS, the whole area covered by each GSM PLMN is divided into different location areas. LAC is used to identify different

BCH,CCCH and DCCH Channel of GSM

BCH (Broadcast Channels) BCCH(Broadcast Control Channels) Downlink Only. Broadcast information of the serving cell (System Information). Transmitted on timeslot zero of BCCH carrier. Read only by idle mobile at least

What is Frequency Hopping in GSM

When using close frequency reuse technique, system interference is the most important factor for frequency reuse ratio. Usually, power control and discontinuous transmission technologies are adopted to lower system interference.

How Cell Selection in GSM

Once the mobile is switched on and the registered home PLMN was selected (e.x. SMART), it will next search for a BCCH frequency list, stored in its memory or in

How SIM works in GSM

SIM is used to provide storage on subscriber related information as following : IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). Temporary network data like TMSI, LAI, Location update status. Subscriber Authentication Key

Work of MA, HSN and MAIO in GSM

Mobile Allocation The MA is a list of hopping frequencies transmitted to a mobile every time it is assigned to a hopping physical channel. The MA-list is a subset of

What is Cell Allocation in GSM

The Cell Allocation (CA) is a list of all the frequencies allocated to a cell. The CA is transmitted regularly on the BCCH. Usually it is also included in the