Universal Broadband Wireless Access for Wimax

Universal Broadband Wireless Access & Mobility

This picture shows complementary access solutions for different mobility and nomadic, or “fixed mobile“ needs Today for all kinds of applications the appropriate access technology exists

The figure shows the typical access solutions for different mobility and nomadic needs For fixed network access DSL-based systems deliver broadband data rates depending only on the type of access

technology used: copper line or optical fibre WiMAX is the synonym for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access which stands for support and promotion of WMAN or IEEE 802.16 technology

This technology preserves Quality of Service through the air interface supporting genuine real-time applications.

Small, non-QoS sensitive access methods use WLAN available in so called hot spot areas

User traffic generated with this method may be transported into powerful core networks over flexible wireless access WMAN hot zones may support urban mobility as well.

Full mobility preserving QoS requirements is realized using UMTS and EDGE/GPRS technology