Multicast Forwarding Advantage and disadvantage in Short

Here I write in short Advantages and disadvantages of Multicast Forwarding.

  • Multicast Routing is backwards from Unicast Routing
  • Unicast Routing is concerned about where the packet is going or will need to go.
  • Multicast Routing is concerned about where the packet came from or will be coming from.
  • Multicast Routing uses “Reverse Path Forwarding” (RPF) and RPF Check
  • Which interface to expect multicast packet from source?
  • The interface would send unicast packet back to source or shared root!
  • Protects against multicast loops
  • Mechanism located in Routers
  • Can reduce traffic levels near to the sender
  • Management is a big lack
  • If someone or lots of someone misses a broadcast due to a router problem somewhere
  • No-one knows
  • Especially not the management centre Or the Billing Centre
  • So someone could pay but not receive the program
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