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What is Vplmn in telecom?

In telecommunications, VPLMN stands for “Visited Public Land Mobile Network.” VPLMN is a term associated with roaming in mobile communication systems. When a mobile subscriber travels outside their home network’s coverage area and uses the services of another network, the network they are visiting is referred to as the Visited Public Land Mobile Network. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects of VPLMN:

1. Roaming Concept:

  • Home Network vs. Visited Network: A mobile subscriber typically belongs to a specific home network, which is the network where their subscription is registered. When the subscriber travels to an area not covered by their home network, they can still use mobile services by roaming on other networks.
  • Home PLMN and VPLMN: The home network is often referred to as the Home PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network), while the network the subscriber is currently using in a visited area is known as the VPLMN.

2. Roaming Scenarios:

  • National and International Roaming: Roaming scenarios can be national or international. In national roaming, the subscriber is within the same country but outside their home network’s coverage area. In international roaming, the subscriber is in a different country.
  • Agreements Between Operators: Roaming is facilitated through agreements between mobile network operators, allowing subscribers to use the services of the visited network. These agreements include terms for service provision, billing, and network access.

3. VPLMN Functions:

  • Service Provision: The VPLMN is responsible for providing mobile services to the roaming subscriber during their stay within the visited area.
  • Authentication and Authorization: The VPLMN authenticates and authorizes the roaming subscriber, ensuring that they have the necessary permissions to access the network and use services.
  • Billing Relations: There are billing arrangements between the home network and the VPLMN, allowing for the settlement of charges associated with the usage of services during roaming.

4. Subscriber Experience:

  • Seamless Service: From the perspective of the roaming subscriber, the goal is to have a seamless experience, being able to make calls, send messages, and use data services as if they were within their home network’s coverage area.
  • Quality of Service: The VPLMN is expected to provide a level of service quality comparable to that of the home network, ensuring a satisfactory user experience for the roaming subscriber.

5. Regulatory Considerations:

  • Roaming Regulations: Regulatory bodies may set guidelines and regulations regarding roaming to ensure fair practices, transparent billing, and the protection of subscriber interests.
  • Roaming Charges: Regulations may address issues such as roaming charges, ensuring that subscribers are informed about the costs associated with using services while roaming.

In summary, VPLMN (Visited Public Land Mobile Network) is a term used in telecommunications to denote the network that a mobile subscriber visits and uses when roaming outside their home network’s coverage area. Roaming agreements between operators enable subscribers to access services seamlessly while traveling nationally or internationally. The VPLMN is responsible for providing services, authenticating the subscriber, and facilitating billing arrangements during the roaming period.

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