What is a base switching subsystem?

In telecommunications, the term “Base Switching Subsystem” is not a standard term or widely recognized phrase. However, based on the context, it appears to be a combination of terms related to mobile communication networks.

It’s possible that there might be a slight misunderstanding or a combination of terms. In the context of mobile networks like GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) or similar systems, two relevant terms are the “Base Station Subsystem (BSS)” and the “Switching Subsystem.”

Base Station Subsystem (BSS):

1. Definition:

The Base Station Subsystem (BSS) is a key component in mobile communication networks. It comprises two main elements:

  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS): Responsible for managing the radio communication with mobile devices (phones) within its coverage area.
  • Base Station Controller (BSC): Manages and controls multiple BTS units, coordinating activities such as handovers, frequency hopping, and power level control.

The BSS works in conjunction with other network elements like the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) to facilitate call management, mobility management, and resource allocation.

Switching Subsystem:

1. Definition:

The Switching Subsystem in a mobile network is responsible for call switching and connection management. In traditional circuit-switched networks, this subsystem manages the establishment, maintenance, and termination of voice and data connections.

The Switching Subsystem includes elements like the Mobile Switching Center (MSC), which connects calls between mobile subscribers and between mobile and fixed-line subscribers.


If you are referring to the combination of these terms, it might be helpful to clarify the context or check for the specific terminology being used. The standard terminology would typically involve components like the Base Station Subsystem and the Switching Subsystem, each serving distinct roles in the operation of mobile communication networks. If you have a specific context or source where “Base Switching Subsystem” is mentioned, additional details may provide more clarity.

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