WCDMA Radio Interface Channel Definition

Logical Channel = information container  Defined by is transferred.
Transport Channel = characteristics of transmission Described by and with data is transmitted over the radio interface .
Physical Channel = specification of the information global content providing the real transmission resource, maybe a frequency ,a specific set of codes and phase.
In terms of protocol layer, the WCDMA radio interface has three types of channels:
Physical channel, transport channel and logical channel. 
  • Logical channel: Carrying user services directly. According to the types of the carried services, it is divided into two types: control channel and service channel. 
  • Transport channel: It is the interface between radio interface layer 2 and layer 1, and it is the service provided for MAC layer by the physical layer. According to whether the information transported is dedicated information for a user or common information for all users, it is divided into dedicated channel and common channel. 
  • Physical channel: It is the ultimate embodiment of all kinds of information when they are transmitted on radio interface. Each channel which uses dedicated carrier frequency, code (spreading code and scramble) and carrier phase (I or Q) can be regarded as a physical channel.
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