Value of Cable, Connector and Combiner Loss

When talk about Practical RF Planning then its also needs to take care about losses and physical losses like Cable,Connector and Combiner at BTS is more important.

Cable Loss

  • Two types of cables are used, main cable and jumper cable.
  • Cable losses are given in per 100feet.
  • Jumper cable has more loss than main cable.
  • Cable loss is also dependant on frequency

cable loss

Connector Loss

  • Connectors used to connect RF components have a typical loss of 0.1dB each.

Combiner Loss

  • A combiner is a device that enables several transmitters of different frequencies to transmit from the same antenna.
  • Two types of combiners are available.
  • Hybrid combiners combine two inputs to one output.
  • Hybrid combiners have a typical insertion loss of 3dB.
  • Cavity combiners combine more input to one output ( typically 5 inputs)
  • Cavity combiners have around 3dB loss.
  • Cavity combiners cannot be used in cells where synthesizer frequency hopping is used.
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