Majority of Users of UK iPhone Blind to Apps Deeper than the Top 50

The Vast user of apple iPhone never gone inside more than first 50 applications in the iTunes store as reported by Surikate.

There are 52.2 million on an average visits to Apple Store on every week and no more searching or finding becomes more important to user and so no more important for mobile app developers.

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The most of 86% user at home of the App Store and from that only 23% users browse and move to next and from them only 22% download any application.

The same 82% person browse only top 25 application while two-thirds of users have found apps through recommendations from friends and family, demonstrating the importance of kick starting the word-of-mouth effect.

Surikate’s research also sheds light on the number of visitors on the App Store by day and time. For example, if a brand and./or app developer were to have their application in the UK App Store between 6 and 9pm on a Friday night, it would be visible to about 2.61 million users.

But once in the store, what can developers do to convert visitors to loyal users? Presence in the App Store charts is crucial, as 75% of iPhone users will often download apps from here without any prior awareness. However, ranking and presence alone are not enough to drive downloads – 85% of App Store visitors need to see a strong reviews, screenshots or price to be convinced.

There is little to separate the category browsing habits of the sexes, with Games and Entertainment being the top choices for both. However, proving the value in stereotypes, there are signs that men tend to favour Sports, while women prefer to browse Food and Drink.

“Our research shows that getting an app ranked among the Top 25 or higher in the App Store Charts is crucial, as just over half of iPhone users (57%) will not browse beyond the first 25 applications,” reported Jules Minvielle, Surikate’s founder and CEO.

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