Losses by Duplexer, Body And Penetration

In GSM System Losses is different type here i write about Losses by Duplexer, Body And Penetration

Duplexer Loss

  • A duplexer enables simultaneous transmission and reception of signals on the same antenna.
  • It provides isolation between the transmitted and received signal.
  • Duplexers typically have a insertion loss of 0.5 to 1 dB

combiner loss

Body Loss

  • For all receiving environments a loss associated with the effect of users body on propagation has to be used I.e. proximity of the user with the mobile.
  • This effect is in the form of few dB losses in both the uplink and downlink directions.
  • Body loss is typically taken as 2 dB.

Penetration losses

  • Penetration losses depend on the location of the subscriber with respect to the site.
  • Generally 3 types of scenarios are taken into consideration viz. In-building, In-car and on street.
  • Body loss is also a type of penetration loss.

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