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How Sub-Carrier Allocation in Wimax?

Sub-Carrier Allocation Mode 1
  • DL PUSC – Downlink partial Usage Sub-Channels The downlink PUSC replacement zone is unique, that must exist in the frame structure specified by the protocols.
  • DL PUSC with all SC – PUSC with all sc indicates the PUSC replacement mode when all the bandwidth resources are used.
  • DL FUSC- Downlink Full Usage Sub- Channels
Sub-Carrier Allocation Mode 2
  • UL PUSC – Uplink Partial Usage Sub-Channels
  • BAND AMC – Mobile WiMAX profile specifies that both downlink and uplink can use the BAND AMC allocation mode. The sub-channels of BAND AMC are continuous. 
  • Whatever the uplink or downlink, each sub-channel has an independent pilot.
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