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High Speed Data Solutions for Wimax

Here i write about basic notes of How High Speed Data Solutions in wimax.

High Speed Data Solutions

These three diagrams compare various system parameters of WLAN (WIFI), WMAN (WiMAX) and the mobile network technologies UMTS with High speed Packed Downlink Access (HSPDA). The parameters have the following meaning:

Spectral efficiency: is the exploitation of the radio frequencies

Spectrum width: means the exploitation of radio channels Number of simultaneous

subscribers/cell: is the support of multiple access to one network Reach: is the reachability of subscribers within radio areas

Security: means Authentication, authorization and ciphering

Mobility: is the change of location at full or reduced speed

CPE cost: is the customer premises equipment cost

Global cost: is the cost for network operator and service user

This kind of visualisation is called a spider diagram. It can be used highlight differences between the compared systems. The shape of the spider net displays the different parameters and their associated values Spider net diagrams are used also with complex applications, which show different thresholds for normal and critical system behavior at a glance.

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