Current LTE Features and Benefits of LTE

Here i write current LTE Features and benefits of LTE in small point note which will short description of LTE technology.

Current LTE version features

The following are the features of LTE Technology:

  • Spectral efficiency (5 bps/Hz DL, 2.5 bps/Hz UL), user throughput (up to 100 Mbps) in LTE,
  • latency (10 ms UE-eNodeB), cell edge bit rate
  • Simplification of the radio network with flexible spectrum allocation (1.4 – 20 MHz) in LTE
  • Support of efficient packet-based services such as Multimedia Broadcast Multicast
  • Service (MBMS) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
  • Converged baseband and Software-Defined Radio (SDR) modules in LTE
  • Self-Organizing Network (SON) capabilities
  • Inter-working with GSM,W-CDMA, and CDMA networks
  • Radio resource management and fair scheduler easily in LTE
  • IP transport at its based level in LTE
  • Interoperability with networks such as UTRAN, GERAN, and EV-DO means old technology compatibilities.

LTE benefits point

Benefits of Current used LTE version

LTE provides global mobility with a wide range of services which includes voice, data, and video in a mobile environment with lower deployment costs.

The following are the Key benefits of LTE:

  • Support for higher user data rates
  • Reduced packet latency and rich multimedia user experience best in current technology.
  • Increased spectral efficiency. Offer new services and adapt to available spectrum
  • Improved system capacity and coverage as well as variable bandwidth operation
  • Lower deployment costs
  • Excellent performance for outstanding quality of experience as compare to old technology.
  • Wide spectrum and bandwidth range
  • Cost effective with a flat IP architecture
  • Smooth integration and mobility with the networks
  • Optimized usage of radio resource management and fair scheduler

Now you understand why all operators want LTE spectrums because of LTE Super futures and wide range of benefits which boost Operator business.

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