Work of Splitters, Combiners and Filters in LTE

Passive device bi-directional couplers and combiners. Splitters route signals different frequencies that are present on the same supply line into separate lines for each frequency. Adders perform the same function in reverse order. They accumulate signals of different frequencies that are present on separate feed lines on one channel line.

They support the nominal impedance of the transmission line to the operating frequency. They maintain a high level of isolation between the output ports. They have a Pass band insertion loss, usually around 0.2 -0.5 DB, depending on the manufacturer.

Filters (often cavity filters) are resonant devices with bandwidth, designed for specified frequency and steep roll off stop band skirts. They can be placed in power line to soften the unwanted signals that are adjacent to the desired pass Group. Cavity filters are sometimes included in the design of Adders when The frequency of the input signal differs from a small.

Diplexers are joined together are groups of filters for the two working groups. They have one input port and two conclusions. Each filter passes a signal from input port output port (separation of the two signals in two ways) while attenuating the signal from The other group. The term “Diplexer is used for devices that are used to separate signals for two various operational groups. The term “Duplexer for devices used to separate the transmit and receive frequencies in the range of work.

This process can be extended to include the three output ports (triplexers) or four ports (quadraplexers).

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