What is inside PAGING Channel Message in CDMA

What is inside PAGING Channel Message in CDMA

The paging channel is the heart of a CDMA base station. All of the parameters and signaling necessary for the proper operation of a CDMA cell site are handled by the paging channel.

The paging channel supports a number of distinct messages that provide information and send messages. The messages described here are for a CDMA system operating with the J-STD-008 protocol stack. The system parameters message provides the mobile with system information such as the network, system and base station identification numbers, the number of paging channels supported, registration information, and the soft handoff thresholds.

The access parameters message provides information to the mobile that dictates the behavior of access probes when a CDMA mobile initiates a call.  The CDMA channel list reports the number of CDMA frequencies supported by the cell site as well as the configuration of surrounding cell sites.

The channel assignment message is used to communicate the information needed to get the mobile onto a traffic channel. Other supported messages on the paging channel include Data Burst, Authentication Challenge, Shared Secret Data, and Feature Notification messages.

The Extended System Parameters Message sends out the preferred MSID type and the base station’s country and network codes. The Extended Neighbor List message tells the mobile the PN Offsets of surrounding cell sites that may become likely candidate for soft handoffs.

The Status Request Message allows the base station to retrieve important characteristics of a mobile. The Service Redirection allows the base station to redirect a CDMA mobile to other systems (such as analog).

The General page message allows the cell site to page CDMA phones for incoming calls. CDMA mobiles operating in the slotted mode must first register with the cell site before they can be paged. This registration is required to establish which slot will be used by the cell site to transmit the page to the mobile.

Simply Paging Channel Messages Contain Following :

Overhead Messages
  • System Parameters
  • Access Parameters
  • CDMA Channel List
  • Extended System Parameters
  • Extended Neighbor List
Other Messages
  • Order
  • Channel Assignment
  • Data Burst
More Messages
  • Authentication
  • SSD Update
  • Feature Notification
  • Status Request
  • Service Redirection
  • General Page
  • Global Service Redirection
  • TMSI Assignment
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