What is allowed Nssai in 5G?

Network Slice Selection Assistance Information (NSSAI) in 5G is a crucial aspect that defines the capabilities and characteristics of a specific network slice. A network slice, in the context of 5G, is a logical network that is created to fulfill specific requirements such as low latency, high bandwidth, or other service-related parameters.

NSSAI allows for the differentiation and selection of network slices based on various factors. It encompasses information about the slice in terms of its capabilities, services, and the specific requirements it caters to. This information is crucial for the 5G core network to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the appropriate network slice for a given user or application.

The NSSAI includes key elements such as the Slice Differentiator, which helps uniquely identify a particular slice, and the Service Type, which specifies the type of service offered by the slice. Additionally, the NSSAI contains information about the coverage area, ensuring that the network slice is applicable within a defined geographical scope.

In summary, NSSAI in 5G plays a pivotal role in enabling the efficient selection and management of network slices, ensuring that each slice is tailored to meet specific service requirements, ultimately contributing to a more versatile and dynamic 5G network architecture.

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