Vocoder: A Voice Compression in CDMA

When we talk, we pause between syllables and words. CDMA takes advantage
of these pauses in speech activity.

Analog to digital conversion

The voice signal is converted to a digital signal using PCM.

Variable rate vocoder

The vocoder (Voice Coder) is used to compress the digital signal from the Codec (Code/Decode). The vocoder, used in a CDMA system, compresses the voice signal into various data rates. The data rate is dynamically determined by the users speech activity.
The vocoders are located at the BSC and in the phone.

Vocoder rates

The voice is compressed in the vocoder into either one of four rates (Full, 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 rate). CDMA systems can use either an 8 kbps or 13 kbps vocoder.

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