T-Mobile USA Signs Satellite Roaming Agreement with Thuraya

Satellite phone operator, Thuraya has launched its roaming service in the USA after signing a deal with T-Mobile USA. The service allows Thuraya subscribers to roam with their Thuraya mobile numbers into the T-Mobile network.

The Company’s GmPRS roaming service will be enabled afterwards on the T-Mobile network.

Mr. Tarek Shqairat, Director of Inter-Carrier Relations, Thuraya Telecommunications Company, said: “With more than 350 roaming partners worldwide, Thuraya is the only satellite operator offering roaming services over GSM networks. This facility is particularly beneficial to travelers who want to remain connected all the time.” Consequently, Thuraya subscribers enjoy ubiquitous coverage, even in areas outside the Thuraya satellite network.

Complementing the roaming service is Thuraya’s latest satellite phone – Thuraya XT-DUAL. This handheld features both satellite and GSM capabilities allowing users to alternate between Thuraya satellite network and any available GSM network. Furthermore, the handset supports Tri-Band GSM frequencies — 900, 1800 and 1900 — making it usable in the USA and Canada.

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