Reference Signal Power Boosting Gain for LTE

Power boosting in LTE is mainly perform on the Reference signal. However, since the radio power is shared equally by all Resources element, the power allocation for each RE is fixed.

By increasing the number of Resources element being used as Reference Signal, the RS can be “boosted’ by 2x (3dB), 3x (4.7dB) or 4x (6dB) accordingly.

Power Boosting value = 0 if there is no extra resources used.

Default Power boosting = 1 (2x) for network planning

Reference Signal Power Boosting Gain LTE

Alternatively, reliability of information transmission can also be “boosted” not by radio transmission power but by adjusted to a lower modulation level (MCS adjustment).

Remote Radio Unit and eNodeB Portfolio

The introduction of Remote Radio Unit allow the reduction of cable loss by up to 3dB for both uplink and downlink, depending on the actual length of the cable run from top of base station rack to the antenna location. Possible Radio configurations on offer range from 20W per carrier, single transmit branch to two transmit at 40W each.

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