Receiver sensitivity and Uplink Losses for GSM

Receiver sensitivity is the ability of the receiver to receive signals in the sense that any signal below the sensitivity is considered as noise and is not usable.

Receiver sensitivity is given by

S = Antenna Noise (dBm) + Receiver Noise Figure (dB) + C/N (dB)

S = the receivers sensitivity

C/N = Carrier to noise ration required in the presence to achieve a specified BER.

Antenna Noise (dBm) = 10log (kTB)

Where k = Boltzmann constant 1.38 X 10-20 milli Joules / Kelvin

T = Room temperature in degrees kelvin

B = Bandwidth in Hz

Uplink Losses

In A Nutshell


  • Mobile Transmit power
  • Mobile antenna gain
  • Body Loss
  • Fade Margin
  • Receive antenna gain
  • Cable loss(includes jumper and connector loss)
  • BTS receiver sensitivity


  • Transmitter power
  • Combiner loss
  • Cable loss(includes jumper and connector loss)
  • Transmit Antenna gain
  • Fade margin
  • Body loss
  • Mobile antenna gain
  • Mobile receiver sensitivity
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