Radio Resource Connection (RRC) protocol in LTE

The Radio Resource Connection (RRC) protocol is implemented in the eNodeB and the UE. In WCDMA, it is implemented in the RNC!

RRC is the highest protocol in the control plane on the radio side. The RRC protocol allows:

  • 2 instances (eNodeB and UE) to exchange signaling messages.
  • to forward signaling messages coming from the core network, called NAS signaling.
 Broadcast of system information related to non-access stratum (NAS),
– Broadcast of system information related to access stratum (AS),
– Paging,
– Establishment, maintenance and release of an RRC connection between the UE and the e-UTRAN including:
  • Allocation of temporary identifiers between UE and e-UTRAN,
  • Configuration of signalling radio bearer(s) for RRC connection:
  • Low priority SRB and high priority SRB.
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