Paging in Detail for LTE UE

To receive E-UTRAN pagination, UEs in idle mode for monitoring PDCCH for the channel value used to indicate the pagination RNTI: RNTI-P. The EU needs only to monitor the PDCCH channel at certain specific times (i.e. the subframes are specified for individual radio frames introduction to the framework structure of the LTE radio.). At other times the EU you can apply DRX, which means that you can stop the receiver in order to save battery power.

E-UTRAN configures that Angel and Subframes are used for paging. Each cell produces a series of default paging. In addition, the upper layers can use dedicated signaling to set up a series of EU-specific pages. If both are configured, the EU applies the lowest value. The EU calculated Angel (paging (PF)) and secondarily in PF (mode paging (PO)), that E-UTRAN refers to EU in the following ways:

SFN mod T = (T/N) × (UE_ID mod N)

i_s = _UE_ID/N_ mod Ns

T = UE DRX cycle (i.e. paging cycle) = min(Tc, Tue)

N = min(T, nB)

Ns = max(1, nB/T)


  • TC is the default paging-specific cell cycle {32, 64, 128, 256} radio frames,
  • Tuesday is the EU specific cycle pagination {32, 64, 128, 256} radio frames,
  • N is the number of frames in the paging paging EU cycle,
  • UE_ID IMSI20 mode is 1024, the IMSI is decimal rather than binary number,
  • i_s is an index that points to a pre-defined table definition corresponding subframe
  • nB is the number of “paging Subframes ‘ paging per cycle (over all UEs in the cell),
  • NS is the number of “paging Subframes in a framework, which is used for paging.

The table includes a number of examples to illustrate the calculation of radio paging (PF) frames and subframes (PO).

Calculation of Paging frames and subframes EUTRAN LTE

In cases (A) and (B) in the table, one for every four-frame is used for radio paging by using the secondary of each of these frames. In the case of (B), there are 32 paging framework in the EU cycle paging, over which the UEs are distributed on the basis of the EU. In the case of (C), two subframes per frame are used for paging, or Ns = 2. In this case, 128 pages frames within the EU and UEs also paging are distributed on two subframes paging interval. LTE specifications include a table showing for each combination of Ns and i_s, which is the interface index for resulting out of the equation. The figure shows the cases (B) and (C) all shaded subframes may be used for radio paging system; the darkest are applied for the EU.

Paging Frame and paging occasion examples

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