LTE Sub-carrier

LTE Sub-carrier

How Many Sub Carrier in LTE? Read below,..There are different kinds of sub-carriers:

  1. Data sub-carrier
  2. Pilot Sub-carrier
  3. DC sub-carrier
  4. Guard Sub-carrier

The result is intersymbol interference not only within a subcarrier but also between subcarriers. To prevent symbols from overlapping and to reduce the intersymbol.

DC stands for Direct Current and it is a subcarrier that has no information sent on it. This is an important subcarrier in OFDM based systems. It is used by the mobile device to locate the center of the OFDM frequency band. So, if LTE does not have a DC subcarrier, it would be a big deal.

The OFDM signal used in LTE comprises a maximum of 2048 different subcarriers with a spacing of 15 kHz.

Resource blocks include 12 subcarriers, regardless of the total LTE signal bandwidth. They also cover a slot in the time frame.

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