LTE Downlink Logical Channel

Paging Control Channel(PCCH)
  • A downlink channel that transfers paging information and system information change notifications.
  • This channel isused for paging when the network does not know the location cell of the UE
Broadcast Control Channel (BCCH)
  • Provides system information to all mobile terminals connected to the eNodeB.
  • A downlink channel for broadcasting system control information
Common Control Channel (CCCH)
  • Channel for transmitting control information between UEs and network.
  • This channel isused for UEs having no RRC connection with the network.
Multicast Control Channel (MCCH)
  • A point-to-multi point downlink channel used for transmitting MBMS
  • Control information from the network to the UE,for one or several MTCHs.
  • This channel is only used by UEs that receive MBMS
Dedicated Control Channel (DCCH)
  • A point-to-point bi-directional channel that transmits dedicated control information between a UE and the network.
  • Used by UEs having an RRC connection
  • This control channel isused for carrying user-specific control information, e.g. for controlling actions including power control,handover,etc..
Multicast Traffic Channel (MTCH)
  • A point-to-multipoint downlink channel for transmitting traffic data from the network to the UE.
  • This channel is only used by UEs that receive MBMS
Dedicated Traffic Channel (DTCH )
  • A point-to-point channel,dedicated to one UE,for the transfer of user information.
  • A DTCH can exist in both uplink and downlink
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