Location Area Identity (LAI) and Global Cell Identity (GCI) in CDMA

Location Area Identity (LAI) 
PAGING message is broadcast within a local area, the size of which depends on traffic, paging bearer capability, signaling flow , etc.

Format:  MCC+MNC+LAC
MCC:  Mobile Country Code, 3 digits.
MNC:  Mobile Network Code, 2 digits.
LAC:  Location Area Code, a 2-byte-long hexadecimal BCD code. 0000 cannot be used with FFFE.
Global Cell Identity (GCI)
The unique ID of a cell in PLMN

Format:  LAI+CI
CI:  Cell Identity, a 2-byte-long hexadecimal BCD code, pre defined by the engineering department. The first 3 digits and the last digit represent the base station number and the sector number respectively. For an omni-directional site, the last digit of CI is 0.
For example, 4600301001230 shows base station number 123 contains an omni-directional site.
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