List of Uplink and Downlink Physical Channel of WCDMA

Downlink Physical Channel of WCDMA

Downlink Dedicated Physical Channel:

  • Downlink DPCH

Downlink Common Physical Channel:

  • Common Control Physical Channel (CCPCH)
  • Synchronization Channel ( SCH)
  • Paging Indicator Channel (PICH)
  • Acquisition Indicator Channel (AICH)
  • Common Pilot Channel (CPICH)
  • High-Speed Packet Downlink Shared Channel (HS-PDSCH)
  • High-Speed Shared Control Channel (HS-SCCH)

Uplink Physical Channel of WCDMA

Uplink Dedicated Physical Channel:

  • Uplink Dedicated Physical Data Channel (Uplink DPDCH)
  • Uplink Dedicated Physical Control Channel (Uplink DPCCH)
  • High-Speed Dedicated Physical Channel (HS-DPCCH)

Uplink Common Physical Channel
  • Physical Random Access Channel (PRACH)

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