How TTI Bundling for LTE link Budget

Here I just review how TTI Bundling for LTE link budget first lets see what link budget feature overview.

Features Overview

Below is a quick summary of specific features and their corresponding impact on the radio network link budget result if the features or functionalities are deployed.

LTE link budget Features Overview

TTI Bundling

By repeating the same uplink information, lower SINR will be required by the receivers at the eNodeB. The code repetition rate will also be affected by the Redundancy Version chosen and it is currently based on Incremental Redundancy for LTE.

The application of this feature is ideal for lower data rate applications such as VoIP and Packet data services requiring slower rate. At least 4 dB gain can be achieved through this data repetition.

In situation where TTI bundling collides with periodic CQI/PMI/RI reports, TTI bundling will take precedent and the periodic reporting will be dropped accordingly. TTI bundling Gain is included as part of SINR in link budget estimation.

TTI Bundling

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