How Sync Channel work in CDMA?

A long code is used for scrambling. However, a long code has too long a period, which cannot be wholly used for scrambling. We can only sample some chips of a long code at some point of time and use them as the sequences of scrambling. 
This requires that a mobile station should know the following information:  when the long code chip used for scrambling begins, what the mask of a generated long code is, etc. All these pieces of information are so-called long code synchronization. 
The sync channel is used by the mobile station to synchronize with the network. W32  is used to spread Sync Channel.

The synchronization message includes:
  • Pilot PN sequence offset: PILOT_PN
  • System time: SYS_TIME
  • Long code state: LC_STATE
  • Paging channel rate: P_RAT
  • Here note that, sync channel rate is 1200bps
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