Fixed versus Mobile difference at RF Side

Mobile (Portable) and fixed link between the proportion of the budget, there are four major Differences.

  • The first difference between the fixed link will have a higher budget is usually Case-antenna mobile users have more.
  • A second difference is For certain cases the loss of body assumed.
  • The third difference between building / vehicle penetration loss is with respect to. For Fixed Case, 10 DB loss of a building’s value is based on CPE is placed close to a window and that that assumption in one place Minimize the impact of the loss of the building. The amount of penetration will require building CPE installation location and building be adjusted based on Features (some better than others RF structures can allow for access). For Best case would be to use a car penetration loss is required. If the construction is desired (ie Mobile handset) is working in a building, then its value would need to Revised accordingly. for mobile handsets built to provide coverage if desired Will require additional margin.
  • The fourth difference is fading environment. (Ie, fast fading) suffered by the user. Fixed users are affected by Through the influence of objects (for example, moving vehicles, people walking by plants Mobile users can be faced with various fast, while the Air) in the swaying Different speeds (eg 30 kilometers per hour) in the fading as can be stationary or moving.

fixed vs wireless

Usually the normal fade margin in the link fixed and mobile set is the same for Examples budget. However, an approach for a system to be reliable is that For a mobile system. To increase system reliability due to Users, normal fade margin in the link budget increased and / or may be CPE placement and types can be optimized.

Link fade margin increase within Budget due not only to users, affects all users. However, it is assumed that the CPEs , Will be optimized for best performance might have little or no additional fade margin Maximum CPE deployments will increase due to the system design Reliability of users. The CPEs are placed in locations that most would assume Within a building to achieve the best possible signal strength. In addition, there is a poor Performing indoor CPE, outdoor CPE with it can be changed.

Between fixed and mobile users who value and the antenna Height. The link above is not part of the budget, but I will be Propagation model. Assumed to specific users for mobile antenna height (Portable) Case 1.5 meters. CPE antenna is capable of being positioned in Different heights (a table, a wall outside on the terrace, on), so the height of CPE 1 to 3 or more meters is possible.

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