Forward – Reverse Link Advantages – Disadvantages CDMA

The forward link advantages include high transmission power, a pilot channel to provide a timing reference as well as a coherent reference to aid in demodulation, the added time diversity of data bit repetition when transmitting at lower voice data rates, and orthogonal code channel. On the downside, the forward link must support the added cost and complexity imposed by soft handoff capability.

The reverse link advantages are wide dynamic range power control, and diversity reception at the base station. The reverse liabilities are limited transmitter power, non-coherent demodulation by the base station, and uncorrelated rather than orthogonal code channels.

Forward Link (Base to Mobile)

  • High Power Transmitter
  • Pilot Channel
  • Added Time Diversity
  • Orthogonal Code Channels
  • Complexity of Soft Handoff

Reverse Link (Mobile to Base)

  • Wide Range Power Control
  • Diversity Reception at Base
  • Non-Coherent Demodulation
  • Limited Power
  • Uncorrelated  Code Channels