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Advantages of CDMA Handoff

  1. It is “soft”, meaning that communication is not interrupted by the handoff. This is sometimes called “make before break.” This means fewer dropped calls for users and higher customer satisfaction for operators.
  2. The handoff is not abrupt, but rather it is a prolonged call state during which there is communication via two or more base stations. The multi-way communication diversity improves the link performance during the handoff. The diversity gain partially compensates for the large path loss at the cell boundary.
  3. The signal measurement that triggers the handoff is performed by the mobile stations, not the base stations.

There is no handoff boundary in CDMA but rather a handoff region. The handoff can be completed either by the mobile moving completely into the new cell, or by the mobile returning to the original serving cell. In either case the call is never in jeopardy due to link failure.

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