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Apple and Samsung Get Sales Bans in South Korea

Two Major Mobile Product Company ban on sales by A South Korean court after it ruled that each company had infringed each other’s patents.

The Seoul Central Court has imposed a sales ban on several devices as a result: Apple’s Iphone 3GS, Iphone 4 and the original Ipad and Ipad 2 tablets, along with Samsung’s GalaxyS and Galaxy S2 smartphones, the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets.

The companies’ newer devices, the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3, aren’t affected.

The Korean case echoes Apple and Samsung’s ongoing battle in California, where a federal court is considering a clutch of design and technology patent infringement claims and counter claims.

The companies have sued each other on four continents since April, accusing each other of copying products, design and technology as they battle for dominance of a smartphone market estimated to be worth $219 billion.

Samsung was found to have infringed on an Apple patent that tells a user they are at the end of the screen when scrolling down it, while Apple was found to have infringed patents related to wireless telecommunications systems.

However, the court disagreed with Apple’s claim that Samsung had copied its product designs.

The sales ban applies to Apple’s iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPad and ipad2, and to Samsung’s Galaxy SI and SII, Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets.

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