Telecom Techniques Guide


WCDMA Network Architecture

  • WCDMA including the RAN (Radio Access Network) and the CN (Core Network). The RAN is used to process all the radio-related functions, while the CN is used to process all voice calls and data connections within the UMTS system, and implements the function of external network switching and routing.
  • Logically, the CN is divided into the CS (Circuit Switched) Domain and the PS (Packet Switched) Domain. UTRAN, CN and UE (User Equipment) together constitute the whole UMTS system
  • A RNS is composed of one RNC and one or several Node Bs. The Iu interface is used between RNC and CN while the Iub interface is adopted between RNC and Node B. Within UTRAN, RNCs connect with one another through the Iur interface.
  • The Iur interface can connect RNCs via the direct physical connections among them or connect them through the transport network. RNC is used to allocate and control the radio resources of the connected or related Node B. However, Node B serves to convert the data flows between the Iub interface and the Uu interface, and at the same time, it also participates in part of radio resource management.
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