What is the difference between LTE and VOLTE?

What is the difference between LTE and VOLTE?

What is VOLTE:- Volte (voice over lte) refers to voice calls made through a 4G LTE network rather than traditional calls made using csfb (circuit-switched fall-back), a system that switches from 4g back to 2g or 3g technology before connecting calls.

Worldwide, operators are currently working to make volte available to as many of their customers as possible, because the popularity of services moves from traditional calls and text to messenger-based services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and internet-based calling services like Skype.

The key benefits of volte

  • Much improved call-quality
  • Improved coverage and connectivity
  • Better battery life

Details difference between LTE and VOLTE

Much improved call-quality

Volte offers superior call quality to 2g and 3g calls, it’s because more data can be transferred more than 4g (three times more than 3g and six times more than 2g), allowing for much better clarity of tone and sound, making it richer in experience call.

Improved coverage and connectivity

Volte can connect calls up to two times faster than the current 2g and 3g methods. it also means that by using the 4G LTE service, less spectrum is needed to maintain 2g services and network operators can reuse for further capacity on 4g networks.

Better battery life

A cell phone without volte needs to switch from 4G back to 3G or 2G before making a call, then after the call is complete, must rebuild the connection to the 4G network.

The transition along with the time spent searching for new signals using a large amount of power.

Because volte uses a constant 4g service, this greatly increases the battery life of the device.

Limitations of volte

Both devices require volte for some implementations

Initially at least, for some volte applications, the two connected devices will need volley compatibility for one or the other to benefit from it.

This is a big problem because consumers will be limited by the speed at which the platform is adopted by other network users.

Network interoperability

Full network interoperability may take a long time, so it is only possible for some people to contact those who are also on the same network as volte.


Because many volte services are related to data usage, unlike traditional services that charge customers based on minutes and text allocation, you may need to have a larger amount of data, which may be expensive.

Lte (primarily designed to be a data-only technology)

In particular, 4G LTE means the evolution of the fourth generation long generation, with LTE being the 4g type that provides a faster connection to the mobile internet experience – up to 10 times faster than 3G so we can get high data rates in download links and higher links, this will take several hundred milliseconds to connect to the network.

But through LTE, you can only surf the web using data. so, all other services such as voice calls, SMS messages will not be served via the LTE network (not if you make calls from the LTE network, operators will be able to bring good sound by returning to 2g / 3g technology).

For example in the case of LTE, if you make a voice call and you also maintain your data connection, the sound quality will decrease. so, to make good quality voice calls, you have to turn off the data.

You may have noticed that in the case of 2g and 3g, when you make a phone call, some phones will automatically stop data transfer so that it can maintain sound quality.

Volte (designed to carry both voice and data)

Volte, on the other hand, stands for voice over LTE. This means that unlike 4G LTE, even calls, SMS, and web searches will be served through 4G volte technology.

You will use an internet data plan to make calls, send sms or browse the web together which means you can send voice and data simultaneously through the network without reducing sound quality.

With volte, it’s easy to send telephone conversations over a data network.

in short, What are the benefits of volte over lte?

It’s easy to see that volte is superior technology. he has followed the great benefits of LTE:

  • Voice quality is better in volte.
  • You can keep the data connection during a voice call.
  • Volte can connect calls faster.
  • The 4g volt operates on higher frequencies like 800 MHz and can therefore make the connections much farther away from the mobile tower. in previous technologies, it was sometimes difficult to find a mobile signal.
  • Use of volte may save phone’s battery.
  • Volte allows you to make video calls without using third-party applications.

Volte stands for voice over long term evolution. With volte one can make calls over lte network. With simple words, take whatsapp calls.

By using the internet and the application (here whatsapp), you make calls to other people. other people are also connected to the internet.

So here, via the internet, calls are placed. Your voice is converted to data and transmitted.

Likewise, using the internet and your dialer phone application, you place calls on LTE.

Volte is software that allows your telephone dialer to make calls over the internet.

Not satisfied. wait. i will explain easily.

  • Consider WhatsApp is an application that allows to send only messages via the Internet (4g) and not for calls.
  • Now the company provides an update.
  • The update brings a new feature. The feature is to call another person using WhatsApp.


  • The default dialer of our phone can only make calls without internet. he can not make calls using the Internet as WhatsApp.
  • Now, volte is the update.
  • The update of volte now brings the new feature to make calls via the Internet (lte).

What is LTE:- Lte stands for long term evolution. Now LTE in simple words is an advanced version of our network.

4G is LTE. the reason for 4g is the increase in transmission speed. 4g stands for fourth generation.

Both LTE and Volte are completely different. LTE is a type of cellular network. volte is software.

Lte cannot be brought to the device via software updates. it’s a hardware-based thing. but volte can be brought to your 4g device via an os update.

Lte is a long-term solution and Volte is the voice of long-term evolution. lte is based on gsma but volte is based on the ip multimedia subsystem (ims).

In May 2004, Singtel introduced the world’s first feature-starring service, combined with Galaxy Note No. 5.

lte is a third generation network. When day by day the generation of telecommunications grows like 2g then after 3g they only focus on developing the speed of the internet not developing a total system.

When telecommunication operators realized and wanted to develop, they found that to develop the whole system was quite difficult and took a long time, so they named it as LTE.

If you have a volte phone and use a lte sim card, you cannot call without an internet connection and cannot receive calls too.

Volte is a fourth generation network. After encountering problems in telecom operators, they develop activities in which they prioritize the Internet and calls.

The voice and data capacity of Volte is 3 times higher than that of the 3rd generation and the voice and data capacity 6 times higher than that of the 2nd generation.

Volte provides HD voice call services in which you can avoid call disconnect, one-way calling and voice quality.

When the fifth generation comes you will be able to get ultra-crystal sound quality, Ulta HD and 3D video calls, high speed internet and smart homes.

Which is better LTE or VoLTE?

The terms 4G stand for LTE, which supports download speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbit / s. So the above explanation shows that VoLTE has an advantage over LTE in terms of internet speed, connectivity, battery life and connection time, etc.

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