What is CAMEL in 3gpp?

CAMEL, which stands for Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic, is a set of specifications developed within the framework of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). CAMEL is designed to enhance the capabilities of mobile networks by providing a standardized platform for the implementation of value-added services and intelligent network features.

In essence, CAMEL allows for the customization of call handling and service provision based on specific criteria. It enables the integration of various services, such as call forwarding, call barring, and prepaid services, in a flexible and standardized manner. This customization is particularly useful for operators seeking to deploy innovative services without the need for extensive modifications to the core network.

CAMEL consists of several phases, each introducing new features and capabilities. The primary aim is to allow operators to define and implement their own service logic, enabling them to differentiate their offerings and meet the evolving needs of subscribers. By adhering to 3GPP standards, CAMEL ensures interoperability and compatibility across different networks and vendors.

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