What is 3G? or WCDMA?

3G is new upgraded cdma technology, in simple word its Wide band Code Devision Multiple Access Technology (WCDMA). This is first technology in which video call possible means voice and data simultaneously transmitted and received between mobile or data card and BTS – Base Transmission Station.

WCDMA Having Below Characterictics

  • Support two basic modes: FDD and TDD modes
  • High chip rate (3.84 Mcps) and data rates (up to 2 Mbps)
  • Employs coherent detection on uplink and downlink based on the use of
  • pilot symbols
  • Inter-cell asynchronous operation
  • Fast adaptive power control in the downlink based on SIR
  • Provision of multirateservices
  • Packet data
  • Seamless inter-frequency handover
  • Intersystem handovers, e.g. between GSM and WCDMA
  • Support for advanced technologies like multiuserdetection (MUD) and smart adaptive antennas
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