Site Survey ideas for WCDMA

Site surveys allow us to measure the level of coverage that the macro network provides the building, check out the details and understand the environment and existing objects in the target buildings.

Preparations for these surveys should include a site best server coverage area, showing all the surrounding cells in the neighborhood. This plot can be completed with RSCP and Ec/No predictions and test drive around the building to check the measurements against predictions. This will identify or confirm whether there is a dominant serving cells and at the same time evaluate potential interaction between macro and in the indoor cages.

A copy of all floor plans and technical drawings for all parts of the cover should be categorized in such a way that they may be flagged or corrected as necessary during the survey of the site. Lighting goals should be revised in such a way that the scope of the classification place may be made if necessary. If the BDA or Repeater likely to be a variant of the system, the pilot radio scanner or check out the UE must be available for on site measurements to verify the quality of available donors to the PSC.

4G Site Survey

Site surveys as much useful information for planning is going. Pilot test of the scanners or UE devices used to collect measurements of strength and quality of the signal from surrounding cells. It also provides a measure of Io (RSSI) for use in budget and MAPL calculation.

If a new DAS, identified the potential types of antennas and position. The approximate coverage of the antenna can be based on the preliminary design of the link budget.

Noted obstacles and appropriate antenna locations are marked on the floor plan. If the existing Das can be reused, identified all existing antenna. Whether they are broadband antennas and in accordance with the design provided by the owner of the infrastructure. It is difficult to check the coupler and splitters, and the same applies to the antenna, if they are hidden above false ceilings.

After pre-design site survey was conducted, the indoor system can be completed. Preliminary studies are important and can narrow down the options, but the site visits provide a much more accurate basis for identifying the most appropriate solution to indoor system.

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