Scheduler types in LTE

A variety of scheduling strategies is available in LTE. The scheduling strategy is based on a certain metric.

– Round-Robin.

No quality indication is taken into consideration. The resources are mainly shared in an equal manner.

– Max C/I.

The UE with the best channel conditions gets the highest priority. The cell throughput is maximized. Starvation of UEs with channels of low quality may be a disadvantage. C i= Qi (1).

– Proportional Fair.

This algorithm defines priorities based on the quality and the averaged scheduled rate. I.e.:

Ci = R(Q)i/{Ri} (2).

– QoS

Different strategies exist to get QoS related information integrated.
E.g. Depending on the priority of the service and/or the UE, RT/NRT service type. a scheduling weight can be introduced.

Ci = Pi (3).

Combinations of the different types can also be applied.

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