MIMO Multi User in LTE

MIMO-MU = Multi user
  • It is used only in Uplink.
  • MIMO-MU does not increase the individual user’s data rate but it does offer
    cell capacity gains that are similar to, or better than, those provided by
  • The UE does not require the expense and power drain of two transmitters,
    yet the cell still benefits from increased capacity.
  • The UE must be well aligned in time and power as received at the eNB.
  • In UL, the UE can not transmit 2 different signal like it has only 1 amplifier. So to take benefit of the MIMO  
  • capabilities, the eNodeB can allocates the same radio resources to 2 UEs (PRB and sub-frame). By this way, he eNodeB boosts the capacity in UL.

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