Leaks document Future iPhone and Samsung Handset details

What may be one of the biggest leaks phones in recent years, come from South Korean analyst, who published the alleged specs of both Samsung and Apple’s upcoming flagship smart phones.

Leaks Future iphone and samsung handset detail

More troubling for Apple, including at least the hardware side, the device seems to more powerful handset Samsung handset. Is it enough to tempt Apple loyalists is probably unlikely, but it can cause disturbed Apple fans to switch brands.

Documents, which may be based on actual observations or leaks sent the analyst seems to confirm that Apple will release two new models this year, with a rim on the market phablet .

The camera is still set at a modest 8 megapixels, although it should be noted that Apple puts more effort into his lenses and software, so camera megapixels may be lower than Samsung , the pictures may be comparable.

Do consumers, who tend to play games inflation specification assumes a seemingly inferior camera is something to watch for.

Samsung Smartphone matches the latest rumors, although it will also support LTE -A in the countries that have been running it – which noticeably faster data retrieval for users.

If Samsung and Apple Bosses are looking at a document and recognizing their phones are accurately described, you are probably wondering if it’s not too later to make changes to provide an advantage over his rival .

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