Key Parameter list for Hopping

When you decide to apply hopping to any BTS then below parameter require to previously defining.

  • All the parameters which are related to hopping are configured in cell/configure Hopping data
  • Hopping mode: the mode used by the BTS system, including three options: not hopping, base band hopping and RF hopping.
  • MA (Mobile Allocation Set): the set of available RF bands when hopping, containing at most 64 frequency carriers. The frequency being used must be those of the available frequency
  • HSN:hopping sequence number(0~63)
  • HSN=0:cycle hopping.
  • HSN≠0:random hopping. Every sequence  number  corresponds a pseudo random sequence.
  • MAIO (Mobile Allocation Index Offset): used to define the initial frequency of the hopping.
  • Be careful to configure the MAIO of same timeslot in all channels, otherwise interference occurs.
  • At the air interface, the frequency used on a specific burst is an element in MA set. MAI is used for indication, referring to a specific element in the MA set.
  • MAI is the function of TDMA FN, HSN and MAIO.
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